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Labour leader Ed Miliband on the death of Tony Benn

Ed Miliband:

It is obviously a sad day. I think Tony Benn will be remembered as a champion of the powerless, as a conviction politician, as somebody of deep principle and integrity. The thing about Tony Benn is you always knew what he stood for and who he stood up for and I think that is why he was admired right across the political spectrum. There are people who agreed with him and disagreed with him, including in my own party, but I think people admired that sense of conviction and integrity that shone through from Tony Benn.

Q: And you had a huge personal connection with him from a very early age. Tell us a bit about that?

Ed Miliband:

Well I had the incredible privilege of doing some work experience with him when I was a teenager and I’ll always remember that because he inspired me to see the importance of politics but also he treated me as an equal. I may have been a 16 year old, he may have been a frontline and very famous politician, but I think it was a measure of the man and the character of Tony Benn that whether you were 16 or whoever you were, whatever background you came from, he treated you as an equal to him. That was the kind of politics he stood for and that was the kind of man he was.

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