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One hundred years ago Britain entered into the First World War and hundreds of thousands of British soldiers gave their lives to protect the freedom that we still enjoy today

Dan Jarvis MP, Labour’s lead on the First World War centenary, said:

“The First World War changed Britain forever. It was a conflict that touched every family, affected every community and fundamentally altered our country’s place in the world.

“Today’s centennial anniversary of the war’s outbreak is a unique moment for us all to pay tribute to those who laid down their lives for us a century ago and reflect on this important chapter in our national story.

“As the curtain falls on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, we should be especially mindful of the soldiers who came from across the world to fight for Britain in our nation’s hour of need.

“We should also remember the heroes and heroines of the home front as well as the frontline. The people who contributed beyond the poppy fields of Flanders – those who toiled in mines and factories, worked the land and cared for the wounded – should never be forgotten.

“Neither should the story of how the conflict transformed our society. From the empowerment of women, to the expansion of our democracy and the changing role of the state, the First World War helped shape the lives we lead today.”

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