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Mount Sinjar - Britain must act to help the refugees in their hour of need

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, commenting on the situation on Mount Sinjar, said:

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement on further action to bring to safety those on Mount Sinjar. It is right to recognise the terrible crisis affecting refugees stranded there. Britain must act to help the refugees in their hour of need.

“ISIL bears the responsibility for these dreadful events. It is a brutal organisation which is terrorising and killing innocent people.

“The Iraqi government has asked for help, and the UN has urged the world to take action.

“So the Government has our full support in fulfilling the immediate priority of stepping up the UK’s humanitarian response to this unfolding tragedy.

“We must play our part in bringing help and relief to those thousands of refugees, and the UK must do all that it can to assist the vital international effort to bring them to safety.”

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