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Ed Miliband message to the ‘Darlo mums’

Ed Miliband MP Leader of the Labour Party said:

“The Darlo Mums are a true inspiration to all of us and I’m proud the whole Labour movement has come together to support their campaign for the NHS.

“Their passion – and the passion of everyone taking part – shows how much we value our NHS, our most precious institution.

“And it shows the real anger people feel about what this Government is doing and the fears they have for the future of the NHS under the Tories.

“Competition, fragmentation and privatisation – that’s how the Tories see the future of our NHS, and that’s why it’s going backwards.

“I am committed to repealing David Cameron’s Health Act and putting NHS values, not Tory values, back at the heart of our health service once more.

“On behalf of the Labour party I want to say thank you for taking this campaign to communities across the country in support of our NHS.”

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