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I will act immediately on further devolution powers

“The choice in this referendum is not change with yes or the status quo with no.

“A vote for no represents a vote for significantly enhanced devolution.

“Gordon Brown and Scottish Labour are right to propose a timetable to give us deadlines for delivery for a new Scotland Act.

“Not an Act agreed between Westminster politicians but based on the aspirations of the people of Scotland.

“I make this commitment as Leader of the Labour Party: if we win the general election, we will move with utmost speed in our first queen’s speech to enact this legislation.

“We will act as we did in 1997 when the incoming Labour Government immediately delivered its promise of devolution.

“It is Scottish Labour who have drawn up a timetable and a plan for a new Scotland Act. A Labour government will deliver it.

“The Labour movement knows the importance of more powers for Scotland while staying together.

“The Labour movement was founded on the principle of solidarity.

“You know that unity is strength.

“You know that we achieve more together than we can do alone.

“You know that what working people have in common matters more than any division of creed, race or region.

“Or even nation.

“And that is why trade unions, trade unionists and the Labour movement are playing such an important role in keeping Scotland and the United Kingdom together.

“From USDAW to the NUM, from the GMB to ASLEF, from Community to the CWU, trade unions are fighting for the right kind of change in Scotland - and the whole of the United Kingdom.

“At the weekend, the Scottish and UK leaders of all these trade unions signed a joint statement declaring that our strength comes from staying together and that separation would damage the rights and conditions of working people because it would lead to a race to the bottom.

“These trade unions are saying that the choice which is true to Labour’s traditions, to trade union traditions, is to say “no”.

“They are saying that the choice for solidarity and social justice is to say “no”.

“They are campaigning with their members to fight for unity, not division.

“That’s why all of them are asking the people of Scotland to say “no thanks” in the referendum on September 18.

“And our campaigning will not stop then.

“We are just eight months from a General Election. A general election where we campaign to elect a Labour government across the UK.

“A Labour government with a positive vision.

“A Labour government that knows the battle against low wages, for equal pay, and to end the abuse of zero hours contracts is one for the UK as a whole.

“A Labour government that cares about fairness and the future of our public services whether you live in Doncaster or Dundee.

“Indeed, it is the Labour Party and the Labour Movement that says the choice in this referendum is not change with yes or no change with no. It is what kind of change will come to Scotland.

“By working together for a Labour government across the UK, we can freeze energy bills, raise the minimum wage, introduce fairer taxes, and put our young people back to work.

“Compare this with what the SNP is offering. As well as huge unanswered question from currency to jobs, they propose cuts in corporation tax, no energy price freeze, no commitment to the 50p tax rate and the end to the social justice in the UK.

“Saying “No Thanks” to separation is also about saying yes to more devolution.

“With more decisions being made in Scotland, by Scots.

“With a stronger Scottish Parliament.

“With more powers guaranteed.

“I say we should get the process of further devolution underway right after the referendum.

“Trade unions and the Labour Party are showing the way to secure a better Scotland.

“A Labour government offering security and working for social justice across the United Kingdom.

“In the final days of this referendum, we will campaign together, work together and fight together – to show that we are better together.”

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