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Let’s stay together to protect the NHS

“I am proud to stand here today with colleagues from the labour movement from across the United Kingdom.

“In solidarity because we know we are better together.

“There is no better place than by the statue of Donald Dewar who 17 years ago helped win the devolution referendum.

“It is now clear what the choice is in this referendum.

“Change with no or huge risks with yes

“With no, more powers for a stronger Scotland.

“With yes, risks to jobs, the economy and the NHS.

“One of the proudest achievements of our movement and our solidarity is our National Health Service.

“The NHS is stronger if we stay together.

“Stronger because of the resources of the whole UK.

“Stronger because we share world class services.

“Stronger because people travel from Scotland to England and England to Scotland for life saving treatment.

“Because we are better together.

“It is separation that is the risk to our NHS.

“Including because of the cuts in public spending which Mark Carney warns about today.

“Because of the devolution that Donald Dewar made possible, the NHS in Scotland is run in Scotland.

“So don’t believes the lies and scaremongering of the SNP.

“There is only one person that can privatise the NHS and that’s Alex Salmond

“Labour founded the NHS

“Labour cherishes the NHS.

“Vote no for a stronger NHS.

“We’re proud to say No.

“We’re proud of our solidarity.

“We’re proud to stand here together and stand up for the NHS, jobs and our country.”

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