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Labour’s Plan for Britain’s Future begins with building new homes for families and supporting small businesses.

“It’s great to be here in Manchester.

“The last few months have been about keeping our country together.

“The next eight months will be about how we can change our country together.

“Right across Britain, people are yearning for change.

“Constitutional change matters.

“But we all know something else matters even more.

“Our country doesn’t work for everyday working people and only works for a privileged few at the top.

“And we’ve got to change it.

“This Conference is for all those families who are treading water and not benefitting from the recovery.

“This Conference is for all the young people worried about their future.

“This Conference is for everyone who cares about our NHS which is sliding backwards.

“This week we will set out Labour’s Plan for Britain Future.

“Rewarding hard work.

“Ensuring the next generation does better than the last.

“And protecting and improving our public services.

“This week is about our plan to change Britain so it works for everyday working people not just a privileged few at the top.

“Our plan today begins with helping build the homes our country needs.

“So that young families can get a home of their own.

“Building a future for our young people.

“This is our last Conference before the general election.

“Britain needs a new Plan.

“Britain needs a new government.

“We’re going to make it happen.”

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