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Reports across the weekend press have revealed the extent to which the Government is backtracking on its promises to protect NHS funding, improve cancer care and cut waiting times.

Commenting on the reports, Shadow Health Secretary John Healey said:

“What we have from these reports is a developing picture of how the Government is falling short with the NHS on each of the fronts where it previously made promises: to cut waiting times, improve cancer care and protect NHS funding.”

“The warnings we’ve seen over the past 48 hours will worry many people, especially patients awaiting diagnostic tests or hospital treatment. David Cameron and Andrew Lansley continue to say the NHS is off limits from Government cuts, but people across the UK will now be questioning this promise as they look closely at what is starting to happen in their local area.”

“After big improvements in patient health care over the past decade, Ministers in this Government have taken just five months to set the NHS on a backward course.”

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