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Jim Murphy, shadow Defence Secretary said:

“Today is a chance not just to remember the fallen, but to unite as a country to pay tribute to the courage and patriotism of every member of Britain’s Armed Forces past and present.

“We stand in silence and solidarity with the fallen at the very moment 92 years ago when cease fire was agreed on the Western Front.

“The individuals, each of them extraordinary, who made the ultimate sacrifice did so to change the course of our country and continent’s history. Their bravery enabled us all to today enjoy peace and democracy. It is those values and the sense of duty to stand up for them that should inspire us all.

“We take inspiration too from the families who share in their loved ones’ risks and fears. Without their dedication and support, our Armed Forces would not be, as we know they are, the greatest in the world.

“All of Britain’s men and women in our forces currently in conflict or about to enter conflict stand on the shoulders of victors past. They do so with our country behind them, knowing that a commitment to justice and freedom at all times drives our forces’ actions.

“Today is a day of national pride and remembrance, but, as the late last Tommy, Harry Patch, said, we must ‘recognise the full tragedy of war’. I hope that as we stop for two minutes and think of the families missing loved ones for Christmas we also pay our respects to all victims of conflict.

“The struggle for liberty and peace does not respect boundaries of race, religion or national borders, but our commitment to these values must not dim until they are a reality for all.

“Today is a chance for remembrance, but it is also a chance for us all, united as a country, to dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of peace for everyone.”

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