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Ed Balls MP, the shadow Home Secretary, today warned that over 3,000 police officers with more than thirty years experience could be affected by a legal loophole that allows officers to be made forcibly redundant for reasons of ‘efficiency’.

Home Office figures unearthed by Ed Balls show that 3,260 police officers have over thirty years service and could therefore be affected by part A19 of the Police Pensions Regulations.

Mr Balls has this afternoon written to Home Secretary Theresa May asking what guidance she plans to give to police forces and authorities on the use of the regulations, how many police forces she is aware intend to use them and what consideration she has given to the impact of losing a disproportionate number of highly experienced police officers.

Ed Balls said:

“People are rightly concerned that twenty per cent funding cuts being demanded by the government will see fewer police officers and undermine the fight against crime.

“But it is very worrying that the scale and pace of the coalition’s cuts mean that we could lose thousands of the most experienced officers in the country.

“This would be madness, but the government is putting police forces in an impossible position. A number of forces have already said they may have to take this drastic action, but with big cuts on the way I fear this could be just the tip of the iceberg.”

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