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Maria Eagle MP, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, said in response to the coalition's rail announcement today:

“The government has hit rail passengers hard by reversing the decision Labour took in government to force train companies to apply price controls to fares individually. Now many commuters will see their fares go up by more than 10% on some routes, just as they are facing the squeeze from wage freezes, a VAT rise and cuts to tax credits and child benefit. There’s even worse to come next year thanks to the government’s decision to start hiking rail fares by 3% above inflation every year just to fill the gap left by the reckless level of their spending cuts.

“In opposition the Tories said that an increase in rail fares of this amount would price people off the railways and the Liberal Democrats pledged to cut fares. There is now a real danger that the outcome of these rises will be more congestion as commuters get back in their cars.”

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