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Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said following Prime Minister's Questions today:

“The Prime Minister, after a word in his ear from his Chancellor, got it flat wrong today.

“He was asked about his own government’s plans to cut mobility support for people in care homes but confused it with separate reforms he is proposing to the Disability Living Allowance.

“Labour’s position is clear: we want to work with the government to reform Disability Living Allowance and introduce a new gateway as set out in the Budget. But when the Chancellor went back in his Spending Review and scrapped mobility support for people in care homes, we are clear that goes too far and is a punitive measure that could leave people in care homes more isolated.

“It is clear that neither the Chancellor or the Prime Minister understand either the detail of their own plans or the impact of these changes. The Prime Minister should get a grip of the facts and explain why he intends to leave 30,000 disabled people living in residential care £2,500 a year worse off.”

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