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John Denham MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, in response to the coalition Government's Written Ministerial Statement on Higher Education Funding this morning, said:
"The Government’s latest attempts to shore up its plans for a massive hike in tuition fees simply show that their plans are not worked out. They have only made these concessions after a series of Labour challenges.
“We challenged the Government after showing the two-thirds of part time students would face higher fees.

“We challenged the Government to update the threshold for fee repayment.
“But these desperate measures are not good enough. The Government have still not justified cutting Higher Education teaching by 80%, leading to the highest fees of any public university system in the industrialised world. The Government have not shown how they will improve access for students from low and middle income households.
"The vote on tuition fees should be delayed until all the Government’s plans have been published."

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