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John Denham MP, Labour's Shadow Business Secretary, speaking at the CWU lobby of Parliament today,  stepped up Labour’s campaign to secure long term business for the post office network. 

He said: 

“The Government is rushing through the privatisation of the Royal Mail and giving no safeguards to our post office network. Despite repeated calls from Labour, it is refusing to guarantee Royal Mail business to local post offices and is failing to protect the network. While other countries specify a minimum number of outlets for people to use postal services, the Government is refusing to put these guarantees into law. It has also failed to take forward Labour’s plans for a post office ‘People’s Bank’, which would have helped to secure the  long-term future of post offices.

“The Government’s privatisation of Royal Mail means being able to go to a local post office to send parcels or pick up an internet shopping package could be a sign of Christmas past not Christmas future."

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