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John Mann, Labour's MP for Bassetlaw, said in response to reports that David Cameron is running scared of his back benchers on expenses:

"David Cameron promised a new politics, but after meeting Conservative MPs he's changed his tune. Hardworking people in normal jobs will be astonished that the Prime Minister seems to be running scared of his own backbenchers on MPs' expenses. 

"There is a disconnect between people and politics. We could see that at the last election when so many voters were angry with MPs over the expenses scandal. 

"One of the reasons people are angry is that politicians like David Cameron and Nick Clegg have broken promise after promise - on the NHS, on tuition fees, on EMAs and on a new politics. As soon as the polling stations closed and the doors of their ministerial cars opened, David Cameron and Nick Clegg went back on their word. Under Ed Miliband's leadership the Labour Party will be different."


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