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Fish Fight Campaign and growing public support can help tackle the scandal of dead fish being thrown back into the sea, says Willie Bain MP, Labour’s spokesperson on fishing:

“I welcome the launch of Fish Fight campaign and the focus Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and others have given to the scandal of dead fish being thrown back into the sea.

“It is a terrible waste that up to half of all fish caught in the North Sea is discarded due to the perverse rules of the Common Fisheries Policy. Labour Ministers led the battle for fisheries reform in Europe, and we want to see the new minister finish the job and end the disgrace of discards.

We’re delighted to see the Fish Fight campaign focusing on this issue and encouraging people to make informed decisions about the fish they buy. The government needs to work with our European allies to ensure that fisherman can land more fish and kill fewer, earn a decent living for their efforts, and be stewards of our fish stocks and marine environment for generations to come.”

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