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John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, commenting on the publication today of the Health and Social Care Bill, said: 

“This Health Bill is three times bigger than the legislation that set up the NHS in 1948. It’s a huge upheaval which will put unnecessary extra pressure on the NHS and could open up all parts of the NHS to competition from private health companies. 

“The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley has not listened to the warnings from health experts, professional bodies or patient groups, and is set to force through these changes. 

“After less than a year of Conservative-led Government, the NHS is already showing signs of strain. Patients who now see their operations cancelled or services cutback will be the victims of this reckless NHS reorganisation. 

“This is exactly what the Tory-led Government pledged not to do in their Coalition Agreement, and is a big broken promise on the NHS by the Prime Minister.” 

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