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Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, commenting on the newly announced independent review into the Government’s housing benefit changes, said: 

"We have been clear that we are prepared to work with the Government on housing benefit reform where we judge their proposals to be fair and fiscally sensible. 

“Labour warned the Conservative-led Government that their plans were a mess and that we had serious concerns about the impact of some of their proposed policies on vulnerable people. 

“So we welcome the news that they have heeded our call to look again at these proposals. But they need to go further. 

“This week the OECD said the Tory-led Government’s housing benefit reforms will hit economic growth. On the day Britain’s economic recovery came to a halt the Government need to urgently look into their plans to see if they will further damage to our economy.

"I look forward to seeing the detail of this review." 


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