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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on the Counter Terrorism Review, said:

“This review has been a political fudge dogged by leaks, confusion and horse-trading. Despite their promises to abolish control orders, they are being renamed instead, and I am concerned that security and resource gaps have appeared in the plans.

“Although this review includes sensible measures that we will support, we need further reassurances on security and resources. I remain worried that there isn’t sufficient funding for the extra surveillance that is needed, especially given the warning from John Yates about £150 million cuts to counter terrorism and the billions cut from the police budget.

“We also have not been given an answer on what happens to people under the new measures who have already been under control orders for two years or more and who the police and courts have said are still a serious threat. The Government won’t say.

“We take the view you should continually review the risks and the measures in counter terrorism policy. The challenge for democratic governments in the face of terrorist threats must be to protect both our national security and our historic freedoms too.

“But this review put political expediency before the evidence. It was muddled in formulation and chaotic in announcement. We must now make sure it is neither of these when it is put into practice.”

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