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Mary Creagh MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, wrote to Conservative and Lib Dem MPs with woodlands in their constituencies calling on them to reject plans to sell off England’s forests. In the letter she said:

“Our public forests and woodlands are a precious part of our national heritage. In recent weeks there has been huge public concern about the Government’s proposals to sell off England’s forests. 

“These fears have not been allayed by the Government’s recent consultation paper which has failed to provide reassurances about the scale of the sell-off or protections for public access. The Public Bodies Bill is already making its way through Parliament. It will pave the way for the complete sell-off of the English Forestry Estate. 

“The wholesale sell off of England’s forests now proposed by your government was not mentioned in either your general election manifesto, or the Coalition Agreement. There is no political mandate for such a sale.” 

You can join our campaign to tell this Government that this land is our land here >>


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