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Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Social Care Minister, commenting on the Government’s announcements on mental health services, said: 

"The NHS is internationally recognised as having made huge improvements to mental health services over the last decade, such as increased provision through community care, revolutionising access to talking therapies for those with depression and anxiety, and ensuring early intervention to prevent the development of serious mental health conditions. But we still need to do more to improve mental healthcare and to change society's attitudes to mental illness." 

"We welcome the Government's focus on mental health outcomes, which builds on the significant improvements and investment that Labour delivered in government." 

"This strategy, however, comes at a time when the NHS is expected to deliver significant savings while undergoing a significant and risky reorganisation. GPs will be expected to commission mental health care, but we know that many of them lack the skills and experience to do this. The Tory-led Government must clearly set out how it will ensure that mental healthcare does not suffer as the NHS faces unprecedented challenges."   

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