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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Local Government Minister, will on Thursday call on the Conservative-led Government to support Labour proposals to shine a light on how much local councils pay their lowest paid staff and external contractors, as well as their highest paid executives. He said: 

“As councils are being required to publish the salaries of their senior executives, it’s only right that council taxpayers are told both how much is being paid to outside contractors and how much councils are paying their lowest paid members of staff.

“Transparency should cut both ways - fairness at the top and fairness at the bottom. 

“How will a highly paid chief officer defend excessively high pay if the public can also see what the lowest paid members of staff are earning in contrast? 

“How will a council defend an outsourced contract as good value if the pay transparency statement shows that those working on the contract are excessively paid?

“I hope the Tory-led Government will back Labour’s proposals to shine a light on good and bad practice at the top and the bottom, wherever taxpayer’s money is being spent.”


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