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Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, commenting on the Education Select Committee’s report, said: 

“The Education Select Committee echoes the views of parents and teachers who are calling on Michael Gove to rethink his backward-looking curriculum policy. Alongside solid academic study young people need technical and social skills to succeed in the work place and to stay engaged with learning. 

“As well as giving teachers the powers to crack down on bad behaviour, we need to help schools stop bad behaviour before it starts. The Tory-chaired Committee warns that Michael Gove’s plans for a narrow 1950s-style curriculum could lead to young people switching off from learning, playing up in the classroom and finding themselves unprepared for the modern workplace. 

“Giving young people the opportunity to study the subjects they excel in, enjoy and that will set them up for the future is the best way to keep them engaged and focused on learning. It's time Michael Gove listened to the evidence in this report and to parents and teachers and put in place a curriculum that delivers the best for all young people, not just the few.” 

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