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Chief Constables and Police Authorities across England & Wales have confirmed only part of the scale of the cuts to police numbers we are to see this year and next. 10,190 police officers are to be cut. 

These figures expose the claim from the Tory-led Government that they can cut the Police budget by 20 per cent and still protect the frontline as false. 

Labour’s research of all 42 Police Authorities (excepting British Transport Police) has found that thousands of full time police officers are set to be axed, or have already been cut, from police forces across the UK. In addition thousands of staff jobs will be cut or have already gone – meaning more administrative work must be carried out by police officers. 

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, said: 

"These figures show the shocking and brutal reality of the 20 per cent police cuts. Far from protecting frontline policing as Ministers promised, over 10,000 police officers are being cut in the next few years alone. 

"That’s 10,000 fewer police officers fighting crime, solving serious cases, or keeping our country safe. 

"Cutting so fast and so deep into police budgets is crazy. It is completely out of touch with communities across the country who want to keep bobbies on the beat. 

"How do they think it helps the fight against crime to force so many experienced police officers onto their pensions or trained PCSOs onto the dole, leaving the rest of the force overstretched as a result? 

"Chief Constables are being put in an impossible position. They are working hard to fight crime, but the government is pulling the rug from underneath them. 

"And unfortunately this is only the beginning. A third of all police forces have not yet announced cuts for next year, and those that have announced are mostly only for the next two years indicating there could be more to come.

"In forcing Chief Constables to cut 10,000 police officers this Tory-led Government is disgracefully turning its back on communities across the country who want help in the fight against crime." 

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