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Tessa Jowell MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office and Olympics said, in response to comments from Dame Elisabeth Hoodless and Danny Kruger on the crisis facing David Cameron’s Big Society:

 “Supporters and sceptics of the Big Society are now at one – warning of the crisis that is beginning to unfold. The Tory-led Government are on the brink of destroying this country’s great tradition of community support and solidarity. The consequences of their actions will be the slow death of a number of community groups, which will be irreversible in the short or medium term.

“Labour believes in the partnership between communities and their local authorities. It is this partnership that unlocks the hours of effort given by volunteers in building and sustaining community activity.

“David Cameron can no longer straddle two contradictory positions – sustained cuts in support to community groups and a Big Society notion which relies on the capacity and engagement of those very same organisations.”

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