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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, said in response to the High Court judgement on Building Schools for the Future today:

"This ruling is a victory for all the communities and children betrayed by Michael Gove. They deserve no less than a full apology from him today and a commitment to act quickly on the court's finding.

"The ruling calls into question every school building scheme cut by Michael Gove and is a damning verdict on his competence as a Minister. He must tell us today how much public money he has spent trying to defend his botched and unfair decisions.

"School building and repair is in complete chaos thanks to him. Mr Gove condemns many children to crumbling classrooms and cabins whilst waving his cheque book to try to force through more Free Schools, which will be irrelevant for the majority of parents. He won't tell us how much he has promised to fund his new pet projects but we do know that it is money snatched away from other communities. It is a scandalous way to manage public funds, with ideology not need driving decisions. 

"We are losing count of the decisions that Michael Gove has got wrong - school sport, Bookstart, and Building Schools for the Future. The decision to scrap 700 school building projects has been mismanaged from the start, incurring huge costs in cancelled contracts. Projects that are going ahead are still under threat of more cuts, as the Department for Education seeks to patch up a savaged capital budget.

“I hope this gives heart to other communities that they can stand up to the actions of this arrogant and high-handed Tory-led government that is inflicting such damage on them.”

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