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Alison Seabeck MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, commenting on the Affordable Homes Programme announced today, said:

“That the Tory-led Government wants the right to kick social housing tenants out of their homes if they get a pay rise shows they just don’t get aspiration.

“It can’t be fair that people who work hard and play by the rules are being told they may lose their home if they get a new job or get promoted at work. 

“At the same time, the Tory-led Government wants to hike up rents for many new social housing tenants by thousands of pounds a year, to cover for their cuts in funding for new house building. 

“Their new proposals not to cap higher rent levels at the same level as housing benefit caps could see social rents in London more than treble - but even that won’t fund the extra homes needed.

“Those looking to get a foot on the housing ladder are in danger of being denied by a Government which doesn’t understand aspiration and which is presiding over a collapse in new house building.”

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