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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on news that sex offenders will be given the right appeal against the need to register, said: 

“For serious and horrific crimes such as these, the protection of the public and of vulnerable victims is paramount. That is why we set up the sex offenders register in the first place. The law and the Tory-led Government must not put the convenience of convicted sex offenders above the protection and safeguarding of the public. 

“We believe sex offenders should stay on the register for the protection of the public. Although the Home Secretary has said she wants the new regime to be as tough as possible, we are not yet convinced she has done that. Nor are we confident that the Home Office have considered all the alternatives to maintain a strong regime.

“Given the current evidence on repeat sex offending it is hard to envisage any circumstances in which people will think it is justified to take someone who has been convicted of a serious sex offence off the register. Yet the Home Secretary's scheme makes it possible for the police to do exactly that with no appeal for victims or the public, and no consideration of Parliament’s views on the wider risks and the importance of a strong precautionary approach.” 

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