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Ed Miliband MP, Labour’s Leader of the Opposition, commenting on David Cameron's forests U-turn, said:

"The sorry saga of the forest sell-off demonstrates how incompetent and out of touch this Tory-led Government is.

"Virtually every person in the country could see selling off our forests was a foolish and short-sighted policy but they went ahead regardless. Now they are panicked into a retreat hours after Mr Cameron said they would carry on with their consultation.

"This is a chaotic and incompetent way to run government.

"But the very idea of the forest sell-off shows something else. This Conservative-led Government doesn't seem to understand the things we value which we hold in common.

"Just as people are angry about the threat to the forests, so too the threat to local libraries, children's centres, other common institutions.

"The decisions they are making suggest a Government which understands the price of everything and the value of nothing."

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