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Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, commenting on the Tory-led Government's welfare announcement, said:

“It would have been better if today's plan for welfare reform had come with a Plan B for the economy. With five people chasing every job, its obvious welfare to work won't work without more jobs. 

“The Tory-led Government has got to make sure it doesn’t break its promises on welfare reform. The Prime Minister said the Work Programme would be the biggest plan ever. Then we learnt it has 250,000 fewer places than Labour's programme. Now, we hear welfare to work providers are warning the Conservative-led Government’s plans 'lack credibility'. This is a worry the Tory-led Government must fix fast. 

“After their u-turn on housing benefit, the Conservative-led Government have been forced into another climb-down over cutting the DLA mobility component for those in care homes. Labour will continue to call for this unfair cut to be abandoned.” 

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