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Angela Eagle, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, in response to reports that George Osborne cancelled a major pre-Budget speech to unveil a pledge on personal taxation, said: 

“It’s no wonder that George Osborne has had to cancel his long-planned speech on the economy. 

“His so-called pledge on personal taxation was so flimsy that it unravelled before it was even announced. It’s a Conservative con which would totally ignore the £450 extra tax the average family with children will be paying this year because of the Tory-led Government’s VAT rise. 

“People can see through George Osborne’s magic tricks. But this time the rabbit has scurried away before he’d even had a chance to pull it out of the hat. 

“As his newspaper article yesterday proved, the Chancellor has nothing to say about how he will get the stalled economy moving again and unemployment down. It’s time George Osborne put the economics before the politics and came up with a serious plan for jobs and growth Britain urgently needs.” 

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