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Since the General Election, the British public has seen David Cameron break promise after promise on the NHS despite promising that it was a top priority. 

Labour’s petition to protect frontline services, launched today, calls on David Cameron to keep his promises to: 

• Protect frontline NHS services 

• Stop precious NHS money being wasted on a big top-down reorganisation, which is putting the NHS at risk 

• Provide the real increase he promised in NHS funding 

The Conservative Party launched a similar petition in November 2009, but have backtracked since the General Election. Labour is calling on people from across the country to sign-up and send David Cameron and the Tory-led Government a message that they must keep their promises. 

John Healey MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, launching Labour’s petition to protect the NHS, said: 

“David Cameron promised to protect the NHS. He pledged to give the NHS a real rise in funding and stop top-down reorganisations that get in the way of patient care. 

“But he’s scrapped Labour’s waiting time guarantees for hospital treatments and GP appointments, and he’s cutting frontline staff while wasting £2 billion on a reckless reorganisation. 

“His plans for heath will open all parts of the NHS to free market competition and rip the “N” out of the NHS. 

“When it comes to improving the nation’s health, all we have seen from David Cameron so far is broken promise after broken promise. 

“People saw big improvements with Labour but they’re now seeing the NHS go backwards again under the Tories. 

“So Labour is calling on David Cameron to keep his NHS promises. We’re launching a petition – at www.frontlinenhs.co.uk – so the public can hold David Cameron to his promise to protect the NHS and stop the Tories’ damaging changes.” 

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