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John Denham MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, in response to today’s announcement on flexible working, said: 

“In Opposition David Cameron promised his Government would be the “most family friendly ever” but today his Tory-led Government has broken that promise to hardworking families up and down the country. 

"The Government knows that growth stalled in the last quarter and that the pressure is on to find a plan to get growth back. But instead of looking at the evidence and getting a real plan for growth and jobs they are taking it out on hard working parents and families. They aren't the reason growth has stalled, it's the government's decision to cut too far and too fast. 

“It seems that at the first sign of pressure David Cameron is reverting to traditional Tory type. That isn't a growth plan; it's an admission of defeat for David Cameron’s project to change the Tories." 

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