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Harriet Harman MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, has called on party members to be part of Team Labour 2011.

She is urging members across the country to become candidates in the council elections in May to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to vote Labour.

Harriet Harman said: 

“As was clear from the terrific result in the Barnsley by-election, the political landscape is very different from what it was at the General Election. People are angry and concerned about what the Tory-led Government is doing. Many former Lib Dem supporters will want to support Labour now because they feel betrayed that the Lib Dems are breaking their election promises by backing a VAT increase, trebling tuition fees and cutting police numbe rs. 

“May 5th must be the day when everyone has the chance to show the Tory-led Government their concern about the unfairness of the savage and unnecessary cuts, the job losses and the risk that is being taken with the economy.

“In order to express that concern, people in your area need the chance to vote Labour. And unless we have Labour candidates then it may well be the Tories who benefit from the dip in Lib Dem support. 

“We want Team Labour 2011 to ensure we are increasing our share of the vote across the country in May, showing this a one-term only coalition government - and that Labour is back on the path to power.”


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