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The small print of David Cameron and George Osborne's Budget shows the NHS will be hit with a £1bn cut in real terms, breaking David Cameron's promise not to cut the NHS. 

John Healey MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“The small print of the Budget confirms that David Cameron is letting the NHS down, and has broken his promise to protect the NHS.

“With the Office for Budget Responsibility’s new inflation forecasts, NHS England is in fact facing a real terms cut of £1bn. Real terms spending will fall next year and again the year after, and this will in fact be the first time since records began that the NHS in England has seen a real terms fall in spending for two years running.

“David Cameron is more concerned with his ideologically driven NHS reorganisation than keeping his promises on the health service.

“And if you add in his trick of double-counting social care budgets, David Cameron is cutting the NHS by a massive £1.8bn.” 

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