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Sharon Hodgson MP, Labour’s Shadow Children’s Minister, responding to Dame Clare Tickell's review of the Early Years Foundation Stage, said: 

"The Early Years Foundation Stage has driven real improvements in the standard of education and outcomes for young children. Dame Clare Tickell is right to call it a 'success story'.

"Quality early years education delivered by skilled staff is crucial for a child's development and their future success. That is why Labour brought in the EYFS and invested in and modernised early years services.

"Dame Clare has confirmed the 'huge amount of support' for the EYFS and that we should continue this successful approach. Now that EYFS is embedded in the system it is right that professionals can look to simplify some aspects of it. But we will continue to hold this Tory-led Government to account  for any changes that reduce the expertise and support young children receive. 

"We have already seen hugely damaging cuts to services such as Sure Start and funding to improve the skills and qualifications of early years workers. It is vital that we ensure any changes to EYFS do not lead to further cuts to the quality and reach of children's services." 

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