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Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow Culture Secretary urges Labour to put ambition and social mobility at heart of party’s renewal:

Today, Labour will launch a Policy Review on the future of Britain’s creative industries amidst fears that the UK is at risk of losing the competitive advantage it has gained over two decades. Having been second only to the US in global industries such as film, music, TV and the performing arts, Britain now faces being squeezed by the rapid growth of developing countries, stronger competition from continental Europe, and a retreat from investment in our next generation of talent. There is a growing concern that the creative industries could suffer a manufacturing-like decline without concerted action through a partnership between Government and business. 

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, and Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow Culture Secretary, believe the creative sector is key to future jobs and growth, but also a prime example of industries where many talented people from low and middle income backgrounds are denied access to internships, apprenticeship and jobs. It is these talented people, bringing fresh ideas from diverse perspectives, who will be central to the future success of our creative industries. 

Speaking at the Policy Review launch this morning at New Deal of the Mind – a charity set up by journalist Martin Bright to help young people access creative industry jobs – Ivan Lewis warned Labour cannot hope to return to Government without a compelling vision for the future which supports ambition and social mobility. 

Ivan Lewis MP said: 

“Our return to Government will depend on whether we can persuade people we have positive ideas and a compelling vision for the future of our country. We must re-build our economic credibility but also prove we are the party which can best support ambition and social mobility in a rapidly changing world. 

"Challenging the Conservative-led Government when they are wrong is the duty of a responsible Opposition. But charting a credible and optimistic alternative for the future is essential if we are to re-gain the trust of the mainstream majority. 

"We must be ambitious for our creative industries, not managing decline but ensuring Britain can play to our strengths in this new global digital age. Making an explicit commitment to nurture the creative talent of young people from all backgrounds and communities, not just the privileged few.”

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