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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, in response to comments from Andrew Dorman, MoD Joint Service Command and Staff Chief, said: 

“The Government’s rushed defence review hasn't survived the first contact with world events. Senior military figures are calling on the Government to rethink and revisit their rushed review.  I hope the Government will listen to Andrew Dorman, who has called the cuts ‘embarrassing’ and who worryingly says cuts to Harrier and Ark Royal will impede Britain’s ability to respond militarily to crises.   

“The Government have made mistakes and some of them may be serious.  While France has an aircraft carrier off the coast of Libya, Britain has one for sale online. At a time when our Forces are asked to do more overseas the country will demand that Ministers be clear about the true impact of their decisions. 

“Morale is falling in the Forces, as increasingly is the Conservatives’ credibility on defence.” 

In response to Nick Harvey stating that ‘Nothing has flown off any British carrier since 2003’, Jim Murphy said: 

“The people in charge of our defence policy don’t appear to know what our defence policy is. These are crucial issues and the country will begin to question whether Ministers know what’s going on.” 

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