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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, commenting following the Government announcing it is reconsidering the defence review, said:

"This seems to be more about politics than defence.  I worry it's smoke and mirrors. They say they are reconsidering the review, but we could still end up with more cuts to defence capability. 

"If this is a real rethink of Conservative defence policy then I welcome it, but I fear it could simply be a plan to defer the pain. 

"The defence community knows the rushed defence review did not survive its first contact with world events and needs to be reopened and thoroughly rethought. 

"It would be wrong to make any further cuts to capability when our Forces are in operations overseas and amidst a changing security landscape. Ministers must end the continued uncertainty. This is no way to treat our Forces. 

"Ministers must now be clear about the promises made in the defence review, in particular whether the pledged twelve new Chinook helicopters will be delivered.” 

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