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David Cameron is failing to meet his pre-election pledge to set up a UK Border Police Force. 

According to their own plans, Home Office Ministers should have set out detailed proposals for the new "Border Police Command" by the end of March. 

But their own documents reveal the deadline has been missed amid growing worries that cuts are throwing their immigration policy into chaos. 

Gerry Sutcliffe MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister, said:

"The Home Office needs to get a grip. 

"The recently published update on their structural reform plan shows that Ministers have missed their own targets to set out plans for the UK Border Police Force. 

"Last week David Metcalf, the chair of the independent Migration Advisory Committee, said Ministers had concerns about their target on immigration. 

"And cuts to the UK Border Agency will mean the loss of over 5,000 staff dedicated to enforcing strong and secure borders. 

"The Tory-led Government's immigration policy is getting more confused and chaotic by the day." 

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