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Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper will today launch a new Labour party review of anti-social behaviour (ASB) policy on a visit to Blackpool, amid growing concerns that the Tory-led government is weak on crime and anti-social behaviour. 

Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary, said: 

"The government is taking too many risks with crime and anti-social behaviour and local communities will pay the price. 

"It's not just the cuts to police officers that worry me, they are also tying the hands of the police and local communities who want to put a stop to anti-social behaviour in their area. 

"People want swift action against anti-social behaviour to nip it in the bud. Yet the Tory led government is trying to ditch powers for the police to act quickly in serious cases. 

"Interim ASBOs mean the police can act fast to stop harassment in serious cases, but the government wants to ditch them altogether. And their plans to replace other ASBOs with much weaker civil injunctions means that persistent offenders won't face the force of the criminal courts. 

"Labour's Respect programme and neighbourhood policing did help cut anti-social behaviour in many areas, but too many communities are still blighted by persistent nuisance, harassment or bad behaviour, and our priority now is to work with local communities on how to do more. 

"But when I talk to victims, residents, the police or community champions across the country, no one ever calls for fewer police, weaker powers or less youth services. This Government is completely out of touch on crime and anti-social behaviour, and it's unfair on victims and communities who are at greatest risk." 

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