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Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on Vince Cable’s comments on immigration, said:

"The Tory-led Government's immigration policy is now in utter chaos. Ministers need to explain urgently what on earth their immigration policy now is and whether cabinet ministers are actually prepared to deliver it or not.

"Today we learn that Vince Cable, the cabinet minister responsible for implementing immigration policy on student visas is actively opposed to it and even trying to undermine it.

"At the same time we still don't know whether David Cameron's promise to cut net immigration to the tens of thousands is Government policy or not – with the Prime Minister claiming it is, and the Deputy Prime Minister claiming it isn't.

"David Cameron's big political promises on immigration have been exposed as completely empty, as it is clear he has no workable policies to deliver them, and collective cabinet responsibility on immigration has collapsed.

"Meanwhile the Home Secretary who is supposed to be responsible for immigration policy has stayed completely silent and obviously doesn't have a grip.

"Immigration policy is too important to be left in such chaos. We need an honest debate about immigration, with strong, workable controls for the sake of local communities and the economy. Instead we have incompetence and disarray while the Prime Minister is not being straight with people about what his Government is doing."

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