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The Tory-led Government’s decision to frontload cuts to local authority funding is damaging local services up and down the country. 

David Cameron and Eric Pickles have tried to place the blame on local councils for frontline local service cuts – claiming that the Tory-led Government’s cuts in funding could be absorbed purely through back-room efficiencies, reducing senior staff pay and sharing functions with neighbouring councils. They have even tried to convince the public that Labour councils are making service cuts while Tory and Lib Dem councils are not. 

However, the facts show that Conservative and Lib Dem controlled councils are making deep cuts to frontline services. 

Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, said: 

“David Cameron and Eric Pickles are hammering councils with frontloaded spending cuts which will hurt families in every part of our country. By doing so while abolishing the money given to support vulnerable areas they're hitting areas of greatest need the hardest. 

"At the same time, Conservative and Liberal Democrat councils are making some of the worst cuts in the country." 

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