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Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary, responding to David Cameron’s comments on immigration this morning, said: 

“The Prime Minister is taking the British people for fools. He promised to cut immigration to the tens of thousands, repeating this figure only last week, saying 'no ifs, no buts' on immigration. Yet today he repeatedly squirmed and ducked the question on whether this was actually Government policy." 

“Calling it an ‘ambition’, an aim or a target is just classic slipperiness with words from David Cameron. 

“What people now want to know is whether this is a Government ‘ambition’, agreed by the Cabinet, or not. Do the Deputy Prime Minister and the Business Secretary agree with this ‘ambition’ to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands or not? 

“And where are the workable policies to deliver it? Whether it is agreed policy or not, his Home Secretary has spoken of delivering this by 2015, and they should be honest with people about how they intend to do this. 

“How can the Prime Minister make promises on immigration if his Government has no workable policies to deliver it and the Cabinet won't even agree to the objective? 

“David Cameron needs to realise you can't keep making different promises to different audiences without getting caught out. 

“Immigration policy is too important to be left in such chaos. We need an honest debate about immigration, with strong, workable controls for the sake of local communities and the economy. 

“Instead we've had incompetence, chaos and disarray.” 

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