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Gareth Thomas MP, Labour’s Shadow Higher Education Minister, responding to the Office of Fair Access' announcement that all universities will charge at least £6000 fees, said:

"This unfair and shambolic tuition fee policy is now unravelling by the day. The Tory-led Government’s promise that £9,000 tuition fees would only be charged ‘in exceptional circumstances’ has been broken, the majority are trebling their fees. As a result, this policy will cost students and the taxpayer more and it may cost thousands of young people their place at university. 

"To try and fill the funding gap they've caused, incompetent Ministers have taken to threatening institutions with further cuts to student numbers or to the teaching grant, all to disguise that they didn’t do their sums properly. The Government needs to take responsibility for this mess - universities didn’t slash the teaching grant by 80%, David Cameron did." 

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