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Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition, today called on David Cameron to act on climate change and follow the Committee on Climate Change’s advice on the UK’s fourth carbon budget.

It is reported that the Prime Minister may reject the Committee on Climate Change’s advice. It would be the first time that the Government has explicitly decided not to cut emissions at a rate that independent experts say is necessary to prevent dangerous climate change.

Ed Miliband says in his letter to David Cameron:

“This is a question of trust. In opposition you said that an independent body was necessary to set and enforce emissions targets, and that ministers should not be able to alter them. You argued at the time that this ‘would take the politics out of climate change and show our intention to get to grips with the problem’.

“I urge you not to break your commitment to tackling climate change and to adopt in full the key recommendations contained in the Committee on Climate Change’s fourth carbon budget report.”

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