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Jim Murphy MP, Labour's Shadow Defence Secretary, said in response to reports that the Military Covenant is to become law:

"The Prime Minister appears to have finally done the right thing. If true, this is a retreat from a inevitable defeat in Parliament in face of real anger from forces families and MPs.

"For months ministers have stuck their heads in the sand and denied the Military Covenant should be enshrined in law. I hope this marks the beginnings of a real reassesssment of how the Government is treating our armed forces.

"This is an issue the Labour Party and charities have been campaigning on for months and I would like to congratulate the Royal British Legion for securing a policy which will give vital protection for service personnel and their families.

"We will now wait to hear the detail and will want to ensure that the principles of the Covenant are being properly set out in law.

"The Government has handled this appallingly and their broken promises have tarnised their credibility on defence. I hope that from this episode they will learn to listen more regularly to the armed forces community."

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