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John Healey MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, has hit out at David Cameron's plans for NHS reform, saying they will leave the service fragmented and take it backwards.

Labour has also released a document on the lack of coherence in the Tory-led Government's plans and showing the level of concern and opposition to them throughout the NHS.

John Healey said:

“This is the Prime Minister’s third launch of his NHS plans. He’s made his ‘I love the NHS’ speech before but today he said nothing to clear up the confusion and chaos around his ideological, top-down reorganisation. He made the case for change in the NHS, but not for his change.

“David Cameron’s plans will fragment the NHS, with a free market free for all undermining the quality, integration and public accountability of NHS services. As even the Tory-led Health Select Committee has said, the legislation as it stands will make better services and better value for money harder not easier to achieve. It will take the NHS backwards.

“David Cameron talks of his love for the NHS, but he has broken his promise to protect the NHS. If he really wants an NHS with no privatisation, no new charges for patient services and no competition for its own sake, he must make fundamental changes to his NHS plans because his Health Bill allows exactly this.”

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