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Responding to today’s publication of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee’s Report on the Government’s proposals for Electricity Market Reform Labour’s Shadow Energy Minister Huw Irranca-Davies said;


“The Labour Party welcomes today’s Energy and Climate Change Select Committee’s report on Electricity Market Reform (EMR).  The report opens up the wider debate on UK energy policy beyond the narrowly focussed policies within the EMR.  It sets out – in line with our current thinking - the fundamental questions not currently being addressed by the Government, including  wholesale electricity market reform, the dominance of the Big Six, the lack of liquidity in the market and the inherent problems of a “one size fits all” policy on the Feed-In-Tariff. 


“This report must act as a wake-up call for the Government to ensure timely investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure that is affordable for the consumer and for the future competitiveness of UK PLC, whilst ensuring we meet our carbon reduction commitments.”

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