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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary, said in response to the Deputy Prime Minister’s announcement on House of Lords reform today:

“Labour’s position is clear – we had a manifesto commitment to a 100% elected House of Lords and we stand by this. The Lib Dems also made an election commitment to a fully elected second chamber. Anything less is another broken promise.

“As Clegg brings forward proposals to reform the House of Lords, he will yet again find that the biggest roadblock to constitutional change is David Cameron. The Conservatives were the only party not to commit to a fully elected Lords in their manifesto and since taking office have packed the upper House with a number of Tory peers, at great expense to the tax payer.  

“The Government will have to reach agreement on the relationship between the two Houses and on the powers and privileges of each House. They must avoid the rushed and piece-meal approach that has characterised their constitutional reforms so far.  

“People across the country face job losses and cuts to local services as a result of the Tory-led Government’s policies, so it might seem strange to voters that Nick Clegg and David Cameron are dedicating their energies to this, rather than addressing more pressing issues, such as the urgent need for the Government to get a plan which puts jobs and growth first, and sort out their chaotic NHS and higher education policies. But, this is about how power is exercised in modern Britain, so if the Government are going to try to reform the House of Lords, it is vital they get it right."

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